I Love flowers. Something I really love doing is spending time with beautiful flowers. A prophetic word was spoken over my life that if I let go of all the pride, the chains that keep me bound will be broken and I will be like a woman dancing in a field of flowers, in white clothing, and I will be happy. This is something that has stuck with me and something I am working towards. This would be the perfect image for me, and I know that the Lord, knowing my heart, would send word to me of such an image.

I wish that I can say that I have reached this freedom, but it is a slow and sometimes painful journey, but one I willingly take, one that I long for. I know that my reward is not from this world. I know that the Lord has so many good things that He would have me partake in, but I am the one hindering progress. I am the one keeping myself bound and unable to grow. I am finding that the more I trust in Him and the more I let go, the more I find the ropes entangling me, fall away. As soon as I trust in myself, the tighter they become. The Lord is doing a great work in me, and as His word promises, He will complete it. Philippians 1:6 I am so excited. Thank you Lord for your unfailing Grace over my life.