I have not had a great day today. In fact I have been in a lot of difficult situations where people react aggresively towards me and want to force their opinions onto me regarding certain issues. I really feel as if I’m being attacked from all sides and I’m not sure weather I should retaliate and stand firm for what I believe is right or if I should be quiet and just accept what is said, turn around and continue with life. One issue specifically is about my teenage daughter wanting to walk in this world and me trying to keep her safe. I do trust that the Lord will do a great work in her but I cannot sit iddlely by and wait for this to happen. I have a duty as mother toward her to warn her. This feeling of despiration inside me is threatening my peace, my joy and my trust. I asked the Lord to give me something to settle this battle within me and this is what He gave me.

Fathers, Pray for Future Generations

Jun 19, 2011 03:45 pm | by Josh Etter

Charles Spurgeon writes:

May our own dear ones be among the better generation who shall continue in the Lord’s ways, obedient to the end. And their seed shall be established before thee. God does not neglect the children of his servants. It is the rule that Abraham’s Isaac should be the Lord’s, that Isaac’s Jacob should be beloved of the Most High, and that Jacob’s Joseph should find favour in the sight of God. Grace is not hereditary, yet God loves to be served by the same family time out of mind, even as many great landowners feel a pleasure in having the same families as tenants upon their estates from generation to generation. Here is Zion’s hope, her sons will build her up, her offspring will restore her former glories. We may, therefore, not only for our own sakes, but also out of love to the church of God, daily pray that our sons and daughters may be saved, and kept by divine grace even unto the end—established before the Lord.

Excerpted from The Treasury of David (Psalm 102:28).

Thank You Lord!!