Certain pieces really make my hart sad with joy. It is a feeling I cannot describe to people but I am so glad that I cry. I feel a sadness that I cannot describe. All the pieces I put in my blog, makes me feel this way.

There Is Only One Liberator
by Jonathan Parnell

Our options are endless if we want to evade the reality of our brokenness, but there is only one liberator. John Piper explains in this video excerpt:

. . . All of us are prone to say “I don’t need you, Jesus. I’ve have my ethnicity,” or “I don’t need you, Jesus, I’ve got my religion, I’ve got my God,” or “I don’t need you, Jesus, I’ve got my moral superiority, I’m just an average Joe keeping my nose clean, surely not like some of these rascals sleeping around.”

None of those work.

One thing works: “If the Son sets you free, you will be freed indeed.”

That’s it. That’s the message of the text. There are all kinds of escapes, there are all kinds of evasions, but there’s only one liberator.

And he’s here in this room, in fact he’s wherever you are, moving towards you saying, “Whoever comes to me I will not cast him out. Whoever comes and drinks I will satisfy him and in him I will become rivers of living water. . .”